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The Perfect [6/10]

Title: The Perfect
Author: Effy (asutex)
Rating: R
Warnings: language, sexual situations, homosexuality, abuse
Disclaimer: Talk to Mr. Bill about it, eh?
Summary: To anyone else, it was just Rachel and Jesse. Rachel, the ignored beauty. Jesse, the arrogant dream man. Rachel Berry and her perfect boyfriend. The sight forced a frustrated sigh from Quinn's lips. She really hated Jesse.


Shelby Corcoran absently pushed a tendril of long chestnut hair from her eyes. While she very much enjoyed that her hair was the way that it was, she was still forced into an endless battle against it as it insistently tried to impair her vision whenever she looked down at something. At the moment, she was seated in the auditorium at Carmel High facing the stage from her table located up in the seating area. It was perfectly leveled so that she had a clear, even view of the entire performance area and gave her an ideal position from which to instruct her Vocal Adrenaline kids.

Everything today had been decent enough - probably fantastic by standards lower than hers - but still unsatisfactory. Yes, she was hard on her kids, but they were all the better for it. They were highly sought by the most prestigious artistic colleges in the country. In the end, all of her students were appreciative of how much she pushed them. Even though she was mostly confident about their chances of taking Regionals without much competition from New Directions, there was a single singer on in the rival show choir that she was worried about.

She had been doing her best all day - every day, really - to stop thinking about her. The task proved impossible even for her. That girl was extremely special to her. Rachel Berry had more talent in her pinky finger than even she, her mother, had had. The girl was a singer, a dancer, an actress. The petite little sophomore had a voice as strong, if not stronger, than her mother's.

The first time that Shelby had seen her perform, she had been forced to excuse herself to go cry.

Her star pupil, Jesse St. James, had been given the special task to befriend this special girl. Shelby finally couldn't wait any longer to form a relationship with her biological child; the child that she wished so dearly that she had selfishly kept for herself. The choir director was not sure what sort of person these thoughts made her, but she was sure that she didn't give a damn.

Thus far, it seemed that Jesse hadn't had any luck getting Rachel to figure out who she was. That was beyond disappointing. Shelby leaned forward onto her elbows, forehead pressed firmly into her intertwined fingers. Damn it. Just... Damn it.

Static screeched over the speakers, causing her to wrench her head up and narrow her dark chocolate eyes. Dark auditorium at night when she was all alone and the audio systems start to malfunction. This had to be the setting a B-list horror film.

With a resigned sigh, she made to stand up but found herself pausing as someone walked towards her up the isle. It was a moment before she came into the bright lights of the pathway. An eyebrow arched at the sight. It was a tall blond young woman. The attractive youth was dressed in light skinny jeans and a delicate green top that wonderfully complemented the girl' eyes.

"Can I help you, kid?" Shelby settled herself back down in her seat. "You do realize it's late, right?"

After a moment of silent consideration, the blonde responded in a light, cultured voice, "I think you know a friend of mine from a while back. Rachel Berry. Does that name sound familiar to you in any way?"

Shelby wasn't a teenager. She knew how to keep her composure when in stressful situations. It was a handy life skill that would be good for all kids to master at an early age. Keeping calm could help in absolutely any situation. Well, maybe not in Saw. Everyone is pretty much fucked in those Saw movies. "I don't believe I know who that is. Can I help you with something else? You really should not be here-"

'...baby. This is your mom. I think this pretty much says it all...' The sound of her own singing melodically floated from the surrounding speakers of the spacious room. Well, that was evidence to prove that she was lying. At the moment, though, that failed to concern her. Immediately, the facade fell to reveal cold suspicion. Her primary goal had changed to trying to figure out where the hell this random girl got a tape that was supposed to be in her daughter's hands.

"What is this supposed to be?" Shelby's voice had adopted a hard, sharp edge to it.

"You know exactly what this is." The young blonde gave a cocky, lazy smile as she leaned forward with her hands braced against the choir director's table. Those hazel eyes were laughing at her in an infuriating manner. This was still just a kid though. She couldn't be any older than sixteen or seventeen. "Just tell me, okay? I need an answer for my friend. Were you or were you not a surrogate mother for Leroy and Hiram Berry?"

There was an unspoken threat of international proportions hidden in the otherwise casually spoken question and it promised terrible things if Shelby lied to her about this extremely important subject. However, the choir director had a iron will and strength about her. But, this wasn't something she wanted to lie about if it meant Rachel had finally found her. The only downside was that Jesse had not been the one to direct the search and get her here sooner.

"Yes. What of it?"

With that, the blonde unexpectedly straightened up and turned on her heel before vanishing into the darkness of the auditorium. Well, that was bewildering. The sound of her continued song overpowered any other noises and this was most obvious when she failed to hear footsteps and yet saw two people walking back up the aisle to her. Shelby's mouth fell open slightly, disbelief stunning the normally prevalent ache in her heart. Was this really happening?

That girl - that amazing, beautiful girl stepped into the light. The eyes, so similar to her own in shape and color, kept glancing nervously over at the blond flanking her side. Her complexion was absolutely flawless just as her own was and those dark cinnamon tresses were so much like her own. That petite sixteen-year-old had her hands wrapped around her midsection. The blond carefully wrapped a slender arm around her companion's shoulders in a supportive gesture and murmured something.

"Ms. Corcoran?" That voice was cautious and wavering.

When had Shelby risen to her feet? When had she covered her mouth with her hand? Shaken, the choir director found that she had lost her ability to speak. For a few moments, she tried to come up with some sort of response. To her horror, tears began to well up in the teenager's eyes even as she tried to blink them away before they fell. It seemed that the young girl had taken the lack of response as a rejection. Even as Rachel turned to try to flee, her friend caught her around the waist and gently spun her back around.

"Rachel..." Shelby found that her voice was even and strong. Hell, her voice sounded rushed and relieved as well. Then she could think of anything other to say than, "I'm your mother. Hi."


"I-I-I know..." Rachel stuttered, voice soft. Her legs seemed to be absolutely paralyzed because she couldn't move without a little push from her friend. Shelby's eyes found those of her biological daughter's friend. She mouthed a soft thank you to the teenager. The gesture was received and acknowledged with a firm nod, but no smile.

From behind the curtains onstage, one specific boy gaped at the scene before him with wide eyes and a sick sinking feeling in his abdomen. Jesse St. James had definitely not expected to see this scene when he remembered that he forgot his wallet backstage. He had been standing there for the better part of fifteen minutes.

This was a disaster.

How and the hell had this come about?

With a feeling of rising anger, Jesse's eyes focused not on Rachel or Shelby, but on Quinn Fabray. That damnable cheerleader who wanted to get into his girl's pants. This must have been while Rachel would come up with excuses to rearrange their planned dates. The fact that his girlfriend had been avoiding him just to spend time with her slutty new friend was not okay.

She would hear about this later. What if Quinn had made a move with his girlfriend? What if, worse, Rachel had returned her affections? Uncontrollable jealousy made his chest tighten and his fists clench with smoldering violence. Rachel would definitely be hearing about this.

At the moment, he would have to think of damage control. Shelby now knew that Jesse hadn't been helping her daughter. Now that the two had been reunited, he was faced with a huge problem. Rachel better now tell her mother about his method of punishment. A sense of injustice swept over him and he suddenly felt slighted. His reasonings and actions were completely justifiable.

Swearing under his breath as he watched Shelby draw the smaller, stunned brunette into her arms, Jesse turned his back on the scene. After making sure that the light from his screen couldn't be seen, Jesse sent a quick text to his girlfriend. They were going to have a talk tonight. He wouldn't be able to restrain himself for any longer length of time.

For the next few hours, Jesse found himself staring over the dashboard of his car with his fingers clenched around the wheel. His entire body was shaking with indignation. What was taking Rachel so long with Quinn? What were they doing together? That thought made his blood boil over. It was possible that, while he was sitting in this car and acting like a carpet to be walked on, Quinn was running her hands all over the girl that rightfully belonged to him.

When Rachel finally knocked on his window, she looked as though there was a lot that she wanted to say for him. She had no place speaking at the moment. His sharp glare silenced any words that had been about to rise from her mouth. He exited the car, gesturing for her to follow him for a short walk in the park. His girlfriend looked nervous. That was understandable. It was dark and they were alone in a park and about to head into the woods.

Rachel, wringing her hands together, kept silent. Jesse, wanting something else to do with his hands, plucked a stick into his hands from the ground. It gave him something unthreatening to do while he thought of what to say about Rachel's misbehavior. Finally, he found that there was absolutely no better way to phrase his question.

"What the hell were you doing with Quinn?" Rachel's face fell as she floundered while trying to find the right words to explain herself. He never allowed her to finish because he rounded on her and his height brought him towering over the girl. Rachel shrank away, trembling. However, there was something different this time. The fire was back in her eyes. It burned brightly and had the audacity to challenge him and his authority.

It enraged him.

With an overwhelming, uncontrollable feeling of unrepressed anger, his arm rose back into the air. His fingers clenched around the stick, an unbidden thrill of power coursing through his veins. He had never thought to enlist 'help' in his punishments. His father had sometimes used belts. Maybe his father had been onto something there.


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Jul. 30th, 2011 01:58 am (UTC)
QUINN NEEDS TO TAKE THIS MOTHER FUCKER OUT!!! JESSE ST. ASS WILL REGRET HURTING RACHEL!!! Damn, she finds her mom and then the shit hits the fan. Sorry about the language, but this Jesse pisses me off so bad. I want Quinn to break his face for what he has done to Rachel. Shelby is one of my favorite characters, so I hope that things work out better for her and Rachel in your fic than they did on the show...I hated that they made Shelby look like a bitch for walking away but i have hope for Season 3. Great update. If i was Quinn, i would totally bury Jesse! >__< angry eyes!!
Jul. 30th, 2011 07:12 pm (UTC)
I love this story. Too much. Really, amazing writing.
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